F1uffy Goat Offensive Security

Ethical Hacking

I have to use a bigger keyboard because of my hooves…

United Nations Resolution A/RES/53/144 and A/RES/57/239

I am:

  • A Defender of Humans Rights & Fundamental Freedoms
  • Cyber Security Internet Warrior
  • Intelligence Operative
  • Privacy Advocate
  • Ethical Hacker

I like:

  • Leaves
  • Quantum Philosophy – it sounds clever

This brand may be used by multiple people in some cases.

Fluffy Goat Security


How it all started

At school I was that kid making annoying message boxes appear on your screen or bypassing restriction controls by unplugging the ethernet cable on boot. Hacking is a mindset that i’m proud to have, there is always a way around the conventional way people are conditioned to believe – usually a better way too!

Around 2005 I excessively played command and conquer online. This is a place many hackers and groups were born including (the notorious) LulzSec. Online gaming brought about clans, these clans exceeded gaming warfare and surfaced into real world cyber warfare albeit, still a de-facto game via tactic consent (Volenti Non Fit Injuria).

It was an immense time, private exploits, blue screens of death, matrix chats, ‘netstat -an’ adversaries etc. Having to set up a computer as new was a weekly occurrence and an annoyance that I can imagine caused gratification in many places around the world. These players were serious, they were at the forefront of global cyber security and I can imagine only progressed beyond the imagination of that time.

The rest is history, i’m now experienced in penetration testing and use my skills to find all kinds of vulnerabilities before they can be exploited in the wild and enjoy every moment of it.

Things I find fun

🐐Application Security Assessments

🐐Red Team, Social Engineering, Phishing Attacks

🐐Development of Tools, Payloads, Dorks & Exploits

🐐Network Penetration Testing, Internal (VPN/SSH) / External

🐐Threat Intelligence, OSINT, APT Detection, Malware Analysis

🐐Wireless Attacks

My Security Competencies 

Platforms:                           Linux, Unix, Windows 7/8/8.1/10, Mac OS, IOS, Android.

Networking:                       LAN / WAN Administration, VPN, VPS, SSH, FTP. TCP/IP, Encryption.

Languages:                        HTML, SQL, XML, Visual Basic, Bash, Python, CSS, Javascript.

I endorse ‘giving back’, assisting learning I have launched a YouTube Channel.

Admittedly, it will become more useful to the community as time progresses! 😂

In the unlikely event that I have spare time I like to play Hack The Box.

I hang out on slack and discord with a great hacker community. These places are full of real industry white hat professionals with incredible skill sets.

🐐 We sometimes run bug bounty collaborations either for charity / donation.

🐐 We run CTF learning collaborations.

If you want to get involved for general chat, make friends, learn or give back then you’re welcome to join and I will be happy to see you there.

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The CyberSec Lounge