React Native App

Dedicated to Aurora

The plan:

To create an App for both IOS and Android using JS + React Native. The simple app will allow a non verbal person the ability to view a selection screen such like ‘food’, ‘drink’, ‘places’, ‘people’, ‘feelings’ etc. Upon selection of a new screen, new items will show i.e. clicking food it will then show ‘fries’, ‘apple’, ‘pineapple’ etc.

The items will have a picture and written title. On selection of an item the app will play an audio verbalization of the item and it will send a notification to a designated contact list so that (in my case) the family all receives a notification of the child’s needs.

This will inevitably lead to communication development where version 2 will be required after some time. Version 2 will have the ability to make multiple selections i.e. Person>Mummy ; Food>Sandwich; Places> Park . We can interpret this to mean (in my case) the child would like the mother to make a picnic to go to the park.

The Progression:


Installing Expo, Xcode and Visual Code Studio surprisingly took longer than I would have liked. Many problems occurred and many fixes were required (too many for me to document here i’m afraid).

Finally set up, the working environment is nice, especially compared to my Python + Kivy app development endeavours. The simulator can be set to update instantaneously. I also found benefit to running expo simulation on an iPhone.

Want to Learn React Native?

Codecademy has some courses in React, there are lots of books and GitHub courses too. If you’re impatient and learn best getting the job done  you can make progress by watching Youtube tutorials of people making functional apps (many issues with outdated code though) and also chat to other developers. Asking questions in forums can take a while so if you have pressing questions you can visit Discord servers on the topic, you might see me there!

In Progress…

A little more about why I am doing this project…

Aurora’s Gift

Overcoming the Daily Challenges of Life with Autism

Based on a true story, Aurora is an extraordinary young girl who has Autism. Despite being nonverbal, throughout the story Aurora searches for ways to overcome her challenges and make herself heard. This rhyming picture story book helps children (and adults) to understand the world from the point of view of an autistic child and to understand alternative ways of communication that can be used by those with special needs.

I dedicate this book to my daughter Aurora, she hopes that you will enjoy it and that it raises friendly awareness for others with challenges.

All proceeds go towards Aurora’s Therapies. Thank you so much for your support.

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