Using a WIFI Pineapple Nano as a WIFI Range Extender

🙁 Problems Problems… getting wifi to the outdoor pool – Not the worst problem though I guess.

  • I didn’t want to pay out for more hardware or increase my phone’s data plan and remembered I have a wifi pineapple nano laying around that i’ve never had time to use.


  • The famous Wifi Nano Pineapple – Available at hak5
  • An Alfa 2.4HGz Directional Antenna – Available on Amazon
  • RT5370 mini USB WiFi adapter – Available on Hak5
  • Anker Power Core II Ultra Slim 10000 Power Bank* – Available on Amazon

*Just a quick irrelevant side note for you here, I feel compelled. Anker products are great, I got the power bank for the pineapple but have been so impressed with it I decided to see what other stuff they sell and ended up buying a torch which is also incredible quality and value. Stick with Anker! 

Step 1.

Connect the RT5370 mini USB WiFi adapter, Antennas and Anker Power bank to the wifi pineapple.

Remember the chipset that users will connect to (Atheros AR9331) is the one connected to the antenna that is on the right side of this device if you’re looking at the LED. This is where I attached my directional antenna

Also, if you’re using the same alfa directional antenna then a common mistake is to assume that the direction of broadcast is from the panel side with the label ‘alfa’. Whilst it would make more sense, it is wrong, the transmitting side is actually the reverse side so remember that to get optimal range. The antenna typically comes with no instructions at all so it’s worth my mention.

Step 2.

Connect to the device via cable or wifi using the browser address .

Go to Networking> Wifi client mode > wlan2 > ‘scan’

Step 3.

Choose your access point to connect to (the network you wish to extend). Enter the wifi password and hit connect. Upon successful connection you will notice the ip address field displays your local ip address. If it does not then the connection was not successful.

Click the ‘Hide Open SSID’ field to prevent other unauthorised devices automatically connecting to your AP.


My wifi pineapple will not connect to my access point – Simply try moving closer to your AP

Step 4.

Once connected you can then connect devices to your wifi pineapple to enjoy internet from that access point as a relay. You can now station the device in a location on the boundary of your current wifi signal and relay your wifi coverage in any direction of your choice.

🙂 Conclusion

This set up works great for me, I have extended wifi range using the wifi pineapple nano by about 50 metres and am quite impressed with the reliability. The set up is completely mobile too so I can choose to extend wifi to the back or front of my house when I like. You will need to charge the battery from time to time, but when you do its easy and its all saved so that it will auto load to continue extending your wifi when it powers up each time.

A lesser quality wifi extender could cost a similar price, i’d go with the pineapple since it handles the job very well and can do a whole range of other incredible things too. I like its mobility but it can also be plugged in to live a static life.

And seriously, even if you don’t own a pineapple still go get the Anker Power Core II Ultra Slim 10000 Available on Amazon you won’t look back, it’s so handy!